Hand-dyed yarns from Latvia

In the "Maruma Yarns" online store you will find everything for knitting. We have hand-dyed yarns, knitting accessories, and so much more.

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Unique color combinations
Kristine mixes up unprecedented color formulas every time - no one will walk around with exactly the same sweater as you.

A personalized approach
At the request of customers, Kristine dyes the yarn by hand.

The highest quality yarn
Kristine carefully selects the brands she offers. Quality is very important.

Caring customer service
We welcome our customers with quickly shipped packages and quickly answered questions.

Everything for knitting to make your everyday life more enjoyable!

Knitting and yarn dyeing are Kristine's passion!

Step by step, stitch by stitch, my company has been built. In the beginning, I also was selling knitting for children, but the whole story is about and around the love for crafts. Now "Maruma Yarns" is a yarn store that offers a wide range of products for knitting - yarn, knitting accessories, and much more. Hand-dyed yarns are dyed in small and unique batches. I love the creative process of dyeing when emerges unique color combinations.

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Pāces Wool Factory

Pāce is the only place in Kurzeme where wool is still processed and also the only place in Latvia where the wool processing process is carried out using old production equipment, which gives the yarn its uniqueness and the characteristic charm of Latvian rural yarn.

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Donegal Tweed

This yarn was created in Ireland in a mill that is over 100 years old. As a testament to inimitable Irish traditional craftsmanship.

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The yarn has been created in Denmark for over 40 years. This family business creates really high-quality, soft, and durable yarn.

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